Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Something of a mixing pot?

So it's been pretty quiet here, and since I haven't played anything new in the past month, I figured I'd just drop off some shiny toys...(besides the god of war 3 demo. I jizzed in my pants. If you don't get the joke, see this. As a side note, people seem to forget you can kill a joke by extreme overuse. Please jizz responsibly.)

So to start off; Something unreasonably cute. I mean, I bet everyone has seen this by now, but if not, you should. It's so cute, it hurts. Then again, I love kittens, so that might be the flaw in the machine... anywho, this is it.

Thing the second; we (and by 'we' I mean you as readers) should all know my now that I hate ('intensely dislike') the twilight series, so something that made me laugh is the "Hobo Reviews". Seriously. A hobo? Count me in!
Side note: I'd advise you don't start drinking anything when this begins. You might get it all over the screen.

Well....i guess that's all for now. Happy new year people!

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