Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wonder Whoa-man!

Thank the Almighty and benevolent Space Buddah I finally (through entirely legal means, I swear!) mustered up the cash to buy the Wonder Woman movie on DVD. (Two -disc Special Edition! Yay!)

I've already expressed my mild rage that it's taken this long for Wondy to get her own feature so I won't reiterate it here. I was really excited to see this movie but now I'm not all together sure it was worth the wait. Don't get me wrong! I really liked this movie, but I'm hoping this is just the feelers being put out for interest in bringing her to a wider audience, be that through either the TV or motion picture medium. This was an entertaining movie but it could have been so much better. I think we can go a lot further with her story without perverting her image, making it a magical-girl anime knock off or turning her into the host of Princess Diana's Pandering
Comedy Hour for Basement Dwelling Mouth-Breathers.

This movie was produced for the expanding direct-to-DVD DC Animated movie line by the Bruce Timm production family over at Warner Bros. Everything that man's name is on says quality, so I was so excited to see his Wondy designs. The movie was written by GAIL SIMONE who's very name makes me flail with joy. She writes things that are awesome; Jayne and I argue weekly over who of us wants to bear her children more...despite the obvious hinderances.

Those, besides obvious members of the voice acting cast, are the only names attached to this project that I care about.

This review is in the play-by-play style and very spoilery. If you care, DO NOT read this post.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

dear homework...

I'm taking a break from my weekend job, lesson plans, math homework, and chaotic living situation to bring you news-
I'm way too nerdy for my own good. I've been observing stores and ranking their value in the case of a zombie invasion/ end of world/ if i get bored enough to get 'accidentally locked in' to a store. It's getting weird. I also introduced myself to my students with several geeky remarks, including "Evee is my favorite Pokemon." I think they like me.
But I'm really not dead, just stuck between procrastinating and having a LOT of deadlines ALL THE TIME.
But I found time to buy Prof. Layton and get the game going. As a college kid who's in her senior year for education (hence all the little kid's work pages I'm grading) I find it funny to be playing as a Professor in a game.

The game is a very nice follow up to the original, I think.

The first game was hard enough to appreciate and yet not so tough to get me frustrated and give up. This one is the same- some puzzles are easy for me to figure out without help, sometimes I draw it out on the memo page, and sometimes i have to really think about it. That makes me happy, as an intense puzzle lover. I like that the plot is different and the connections between old game and new are present, and you sometimes get enough hints to work out small pieces of the plot as they are happening without giving away anything too much. The overall feeling is smooth and neatly put together, but i expect that from these games by now. If you want action and gun fights, look somewhere else. I hear Duke Nukem is making a serious comeback. Or Wolfenstien. Though the older version of Wolf will always have a place in my heart, Prof. Layton is a very solid and entertaining adventure/puzzle/mystery game that is suitable for many ages and worth the cost of the game. I would definitely recommend it to others, so thumbs up boys! Keep up the good....investigating...yeah.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Don't Worry, The Geek Girls Have Not Abandoned You!!!!!

In case you are wondering, the Geek Girls have not abandoned you. We have all been really busy and we're sorry there aren't many posts right now. It stinks that we've been so busy, because there's been a lot going on in the geek world right now! Marvel and Disney are one, and there are a whole bunch of fun fan fictions being drawn and written all over the interwebs right now (including a fantastic one with creepy disney princesses...you should look it up. It's awesome). A new Ninja movie is coming out that doesn't look silly, spoofy, or sucky! SERIOUSLY! Dr. Horrible on the Emmy Awards, Katamari Forever eating what little free time I have left away from me on the Playstation 3, really, there is a lot I've wanted to write about these past few weeks. (and I know Darci and Jayne have more fun stuff that I haven't even mentioned.)

And on top of all this, I'm moving to Japan to get another college degree, which means soon you will see shiny posts direct from Tokyo about fun geeky things across the Pacific. Yay!

So please pardon our absence. We are working on some posts and will be back soon.

Lady Jones

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Monday, September 14, 2009

I'm not really here

If anyone asks, I am totally revising this draft and doing reading for class. Totally.

But if I was here, I would mention that this is relevant to your interests--well, I'm assuming it is, and since you are reading a blog written by geeky girls then I'm probably right.

I went and saw the original broadcast and, seriously, it was entirely awesome. I was buzzed and the theater was packed with MST3K fans and Jonathon Coulton is there being awesome, as is his wont, and, come on, it's them making fun of Ed Wood. What's not to love? Absolutely nothing unless you are dead inside or Alan Moore (these two states are actually synonymous).

Also, you end up getting a lot of free goodie downloads, including a song about plans 1-8, which if you mosey along over here you can download it. Because I love you guys.

If it's playing in your area you need to go, or Alan Moore will come for you.

(Disclaimer: Alan Moore is going to come for you anyway, so you might as well make sure it's for something you deserve.)