Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Don't Worry, The Geek Girls Have Not Abandoned You!!!!!

In case you are wondering, the Geek Girls have not abandoned you. We have all been really busy and we're sorry there aren't many posts right now. It stinks that we've been so busy, because there's been a lot going on in the geek world right now! Marvel and Disney are one, and there are a whole bunch of fun fan fictions being drawn and written all over the interwebs right now (including a fantastic one with creepy disney princesses...you should look it up. It's awesome). A new Ninja movie is coming out that doesn't look silly, spoofy, or sucky! SERIOUSLY! Dr. Horrible on the Emmy Awards, Katamari Forever eating what little free time I have left away from me on the Playstation 3, really, there is a lot I've wanted to write about these past few weeks. (and I know Darci and Jayne have more fun stuff that I haven't even mentioned.)

And on top of all this, I'm moving to Japan to get another college degree, which means soon you will see shiny posts direct from Tokyo about fun geeky things across the Pacific. Yay!

So please pardon our absence. We are working on some posts and will be back soon.

Lady Jones

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