Monday, October 11, 2010

I could make a joke about a Feminist flowchart that somehow involves menstruation...but I wont.

I found something amazing on the internets!

Shocking, I know, cause when does that happen?

But srsly, take a look. The author, who writes for and frequently writes some of my fav articles from that site, put it together with help from an Adobe Illustrator guru.

It illustrates some really interesting points about female characters and just how easy it is for them to fall into the pit of cliches. I especially like the option for the character who gets pregnant: Is she a teenager>yes>does she get pregnant>yes>does she get an abortion>HaHa, of course she doesn't>HAPPY TEENAGE SINGLE MOM.

Run some of your favorite female characters through it, see where they fall. Run some characters of your own through it, you may be surprised! I ran three characters from three of my favorite TV shows/books and two of my own characters through the chart...needless to say I like two of my favorite shows a little less and am utterly scrapping one of the stories I started two months ago...-sigh-

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