Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Winners of the Justice League Poll Are.....

The winning results of your favorite second string Justice League Characters polls are as follows: In a last-minute dash for the finish line, Green Arrow won the poll with 9 votes!

The Question and Black Canary tied with 8 votes for second place, and the rest of them were a pretty even spread (except for Hawk and Dove who got NO votes at all, proving they are vastly not people's favorite characters).

Keep voting on our polls, and thanks for giving your feedback!
The Geek Girls


Cathy said...

Funny story! When this game came out a couple of kids were going into the Game Stop in W. Leb to buy it, all dressed up in full Ghostbuster regalia, back packs and blasters(or whatever those things were called!), the whole nine yards. Some idiot at Sears called the cops and said two kids were going into the store with guns to rob them! On what ... Read Moreplanet have you been living that you don't recognize Ghostbusters? One officer responding at break neck speed got side swiped by some guy running a red light, and he and the K9 unit were injured, cruiser totaled. These poor kids ended up spread eagled against the wall at gun point! On the up side, they had one hell of a story to tell their friends! I would have arrested the Sears employee for being too stupid to be at large!

Danicus said...

you guys weighted that vote, i know it. The Question is worlds better than your precious Green Arrow. :-p

Also, Blue and Gold dont get enough respect.