Sunday, August 09, 2009

You might be a nerd if....

Yes you. Right there in the middle. No, not you, with the polo, i mean YOU in the t-shirt who's not looking me in the eye. And you, with jersey on, but you don't know who the team is. Yes, i know your secret. You make me so sad.
You who are closet gamers.
Yes, those of you who think of Zelda and Peach as damsels in distress. Those who look at a massive fluffy thing and think to themselves how snorlax-like it is. Those who deny it, but not only play Wow but have decent knowings of the classes and races. You people out there who play halo with your buddies, but who really know the plot by heart and respect the game as more than just an opportunity to shoot something.
Yes, you must come out of the box!

And i say all this so that i can compile a list of nerd-jokes. Feel free to add to them.

You might be a nerd if-
~you think of peach and zelda as damsels, but also feel that sometimes it's just not worth the struggle.
~large fluffy things are related to snorlax or jigglypuff.
~hypothetical questions about a worst case scenario start of with the words, "When the great Zombie Apocalypse happens..."
~Someone you hate (and/or your boss) gets nicknames like "Voldemort", "Darth Vader" and "Sephiroth"
~You cried when Aeris died. And all the way through that boss battle too.
~D&D is not a joke to you. Nor is Scion, Vamp-the Masq, Werewolf, or any other paper and pencil game. It's actually Saturday night with the boys.
~LARPing isn't a joke either. You put a lot of time and energy (and love) into that armor set.
~You don't think Avatar: The Last Airbender is seriously a child's show, but you would definitely watch it again with your kids!
~You talk about Bleach with your friends, but it has nothing to do with laundry.
~You mention Tier 4 armor comfortably in conversation, and you know how it looks on your night elf hunter.
~You know "WOW" isn't a verbal intonation of surprise, but an addiction that someone you know struggles with.
~You play Final Fantasy battle music while you work on homework.
~You find yourself muttering "I am a leaf on the wind, watch me soar!" whenever you play a flight simulator.
~You wish the super market carried more types of mushrooms, like the one that gave you extra lives, or the one that made you bigger.
~You either love or hate ninjas. And you think ninja/pirate hybrids are just people who can't pick a side.
~You have already tried mixing the Horde and Alliance drinks together, have come up with a new name for it, and found it doesn't taste very good.
~You move things like boxes or tables to the Tetris theme in your head.
~You know the Orange Box has nothing to do with the food, and you can name what's in it.
~You show this to your friends because you can all enjoy it on some level:

~You KNOW what movie luigi got slapped over. And you laughed.
~You know...this mess:
~Hell, you've laughed at some point already about this stuff.

I'm running out of good ones, so I'll stop while I'm ahead. Have fun peoples!


Danicus said...

What about boxes labeled "The Orange"?
They were meant to have food in them, but instead you get Solid Snake!

and yes, i know what reference you were making. just pointing out that it works on multiple levels.

Lady Lara Jones said...

Oooo good one Danicus. You can get awesome-tastic portal OR a Solid Snake! Both are pretty damn awesome.
I like this list. Lots and lots.