Tuesday, December 22, 2009

In Which Jayne Is Vindicated

So I am currently sitting in O'Hare airport because my flight is delayed because it's snowing because Chicago lives to thwart me. That has nothing to do with my feelings of vindication. Comics, for once, does.

So for those of you that aren't Darcy, you do not understand my deep seated love for dead gay Ted, the second Blue Beetle. For clarification: Ted is dead (although now I think he's a zombified Black Lantern? God, I cannot keep up with the crazy that is DC) and when he was amongst the living he was totally in love with Booster. Seriously, they were super gay together, hence dead gay Ted (or possibly undead gay Ted now).

Even DC agrees with me on that gay thing:

Sweet, sweet vindication. Also, Milagro is totally a slasher.

Now, I sort of want a comic where Booster and dead gay Ted get married and have lots of shenanigans.

Don't you judge me.

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Danicus said...

I just bought Ted and Booster action figure from Dc's Justice League International line. Ted is a little pudgy (because of the storyline where he's getting fat) and booster's hands are molded into 'thumbs-up' positions. guy looks like Johnny Bravo. They're awesome.