Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's December. How did that happen?

No, seriously. I've been buried in work for the past month and I lift my head and it's two weeks to Christmas, I missed my friend's birthday, and Chicago is colder than Dante's Ninth Level of Hell. I am currently hunched over my space heater like Bob Crochet and his little piece of coal that Scrooge allows him per month. God, I wish I had some coal to burn.

While there are many things I should be posing about, like my new found obsession with Misha Collins (MIIIIISHA), I am brain dead from my critique and my crazy writing schedule to get my thesis jump started. Dear god, I have one semester of school left. Christ.

So, it's another bits and pieces post, I'm afraid.

Let's start with SCIENCE!

This site is pretty awesome. Slide the bar over for SCIENCE!

The World of Chemistry

If Chemistry class was really like this I would have a PhD by now.

Moving on from SCIENCE, this is beautiful, especially for all you Firefly fans out there. Would it be wrong to use my student loan money to buy it?

And since Chicago is approximately the temperature of the vacuum of space, make a snowflake.

As I mentioned above, it's two weeks to Christmas (everyone I know is getting super late presents), and as such we've all been inundated with Christmas songs for the past month and a half. Not to mention my classes are down in the Loop by Macy's. And their window displays and constant music. And the parents with small children that stop in the middle of the goddamn sidewalk to stare while I'm late for class and homicidally low on coffee, omg I will brick all of you in the face!

Ahem. My point being is that if you're like me the next time you hear "I'm Dreaming of White Christmas" you may very well snap and murder everyone in the face. That is why I have developed a UnChristmas playlist, to fulfill all your misanthropic needs!

Another Christmas Song--Stephen Colbert

And this is what Christmas songs are all about: the royalties. Oh, Stephen Colbert, you warm the cockles of my cynical, caustic heart. (Sorry, guys, have no download for this one)

Make it a part of your Holiday canon/Make it the heart of my retirement plannin'

Podsafe Christmas Songs--Jonathan Coulton

If you don't know who Jonathan Coulton is you then you cannot call yourself a geek. Do yourself a favor and go visit his site and download Skullcrusher Mountain right now. Go on, I'll wait. You back? Okay.

This is a take off the Alvin and the Chipmunks song, only a thousand times better and less migraine inducing.

Don't think us rude/We don't want to get sued/By the thugs from the RIAA

You're A Mean One Mr. Grinch

You all know this one; I have nothing to add here.

Santa's Gonna Kick Your Ass--Arrogant Worms

In the words of Jayne (the one from Firefly) this is hi-larious!

Santa's coming and he's gonna kick your ass/Because you've always been a rotten little brat

Chiron Beta Prime--Jonathon Coulton

Merry Christmas from Chiron Beta Prime/Where we're working in a mine/For our robot overlords

Have Yourself a Bitter Little Christmas--David Ford
A song about breaking up with your girlfriend on Christmas.

The kids are making snowmen out of mud/It makes me think about us

Father Christmas--The Kinks

It's The Kinks. They are awesome

Father Christmas, give us some money/Don't mess around with those silly toys/ We'll beat you up if you don't hand it over

So what are your UnChristmas songs? Share in the comments.


The Muppets are never not awesome.

And now I'm off to disappear into work for another week. I hope you all survive this holiday season, one way or another...


Danicus said...

hotlink to this anytime you say "SCIENCE!"

Jayne said...

Ha! You rock, Danicus

Danicus said...

I like to think so, yeah.