Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Oh god what is this I don't even

Did you know there's a scene from the movie The Last Airbender floating around the Internets? Well, there is! Let's watch:

Setting aside the deeply problematic fact you have to get a white person to convince the poor, downtrodden people of color to stand up and fight their repressors and take pride in themselves again (so much uncontrollable stranlgy hands), this is truly godawful. The acting is eye-bleedingly terrible, the fight scene is like watching a poor man's Jets vs. Sharks dance off, Sokka looks stoned, and Katara just stands there, staring dumbly into space.

Hey, Castiel from Supernatural, you want to sum up my reaction for me?

Thanks, bb. That's it exactly.

Hey, anyone who has actually seen the movie, want to confirm how horrible it is? Leave me a comment! You know how I love to hate on horrible things!


Danicus said...

You know, I find it amazing that the bending movements seem to have almost nothing to do with what the bending ends up doing.
A jump kick that kind of lazily slings fire at someone? Fire that doesnt follow the arc of your kick?
A series of choreographed dance moves to hurl a rock?
Damn. the show did literally EVERYTHING better than this train wreck.

Danicus said...

Good news! an Avatar cartoon sequel is in the works for 2011!!!!


Jayne said...

I heard about that! And saw some art! Awesome water tribe female avatar! You can tell how excited I am by my gratioutus use of exclamation marks!