Friday, October 07, 2011

A Shocking lack of Mandy Patinkin!

I've been felled by the plague of late, and watching a lot of "comfort movies" in my jammies. I was just watching the Princess Bride the other day and recalling all the warm fuzzies it's given me over the years. Imagine my delight when I stumble across this video today! (it looked something like this)

The cast of the Princess Bride, one of my favorite and most quoted movies of all time, reunited on Good Morning America this morning! And may I say LOOKING GOOD MR. ELWES! Also Buttercup! Guy what played Vizzini looks unchanged which is mystifying...Billy Crystal is ADORABLE as ever...the video is worth watching just for his story about Andre the Giant. Why no Mandy Patinkin!? Or Fred Savage? What could they possibly be doing? Anyway, prepare for an overwhelming urge to watch the Princess Bride in comfy pajamas!

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Who had to re-watch this clip six times in order to see anyone who isn't Cary "Speaks with a Real British Accent" Elwes? ( was me.)

If I ever saw Cary in the street I think I'd be more tempted to get him to quote Robin Hood Men in Tights..."Are you happy, darling?"...yeah...



Ingrid_Rook said...

It's odd that you posted this today, or it's odd that this was on this morning perhaps? I happened to over hear in an NCSI episode today it mention "Princess Bride". Suddenly, the show was referencing how the Dread Pirate Roberts would hand down his name. I just thought it odd. Thank you for this Miss D. Good Shmoop for my addled brain.

Ingrid_Rook said...

I wanted to make one more comment...Bearing witness to your excitement in the past, you really *do* look something like that child when ecstatic.
May the plague turn you into the first zombie. I promise, I'd be a willing victim.