Friday, October 02, 2009

And Now for Some Addictive PS3 Games! Woo Shiny!

So, for all of you who have a Playstation 3, you need to acquire two games that will absorb you into their awesome. These games are Fat Princess and Katamari (damacy) Forever. If you don't have a Playstation 3, then I will also use this opportunity to ask you why you haven't gotten on the bandwagon yet. 360 has a 70% hardware failure rate, PS3 has blu-ray and a growing catalog of games, and their online network play is free vs. 360's $50 a year subscription fee. Yeah. soo....Halo isn't really worth all that crap, is it people? Anyways, moving on...

 Fat Princess cannot seem to get enough acclaim on the web and in my podcasts, so I'm going to promote it yet again. In this game, you choose one of five classes and become a part of a team that is attempting to capture another team's princess from their castle and bring it back to you own. Although this seemingly simple, capture-the-flag concept could seem boring and repetitive, it is far from that in many ways. The classes each have their own responsibilities, from hack-and-slash to collecting steel and wood to upgrade your defenses and class abilities. The real kicker of this game, making it awesome and different from other capture-the-flag and castle-defense games, is that you can make your princess really difficult to pick up. By difficult to pick up, I mean that you can feed that bitch cake until she explodes from the seams of her dress and weighs a literal ton. Watch another team player try to pick her up and he'll walk about 2 inches an hour and sweat his face off trying to carry his obese monarch away from your dungeon. It's hilarious. It's epic. The achievements include, "Cake or Death," "Chubby Chaser," and "This is caketown!"
Trust me, you want to download that game. And while you're at it, go burninate, cursify, healy-mc-heal, and freeze enough people to get that damn achievement. It's taking me forever and I challenge all of you to beat me to it.

"Cake me please!!!" - the princess.

 The other game you need to check out, especially if you love Katamari, is the new Katamari Forever. Katamari Damaci is a series of games where you take your sticky little katamari ball and roll things up around town. As you get bigger, you can roll up bigger stuff. It seems simple and boring, but again, it's not. It's really awesome and pretty soon you'll find yourself shouting things like, "What do you mean I can't pick up that school bus of children and the gigantic onigiri! That is so unfair! WTF!" or "Cowbear, I hope you burn in an explosively flamey fire."

~ And yes, the game sometimes looks like a giant acid trip, but it's really not a bad thing I promise. The ridiculousness and over-the-top silly in this game will have you laughing and playing for hours. ~

 Katamari Forever is everything you love about classic katamari, plus four game play modes, a new jumping feature, and other neat additions that make it a must-play for all types of gamers. I could go on forever about how cool the graphics are, and how in depth the environments are and how the upgrades are cool, but seriously it would take forever, so just trust me on this one. MY ONLY COMPLAINT about this game is that the levels from We Heart Katamari that got brought into this game have the same annoying achievements/completion difficulty that they did in the last one, plus they got yeah....if you spent forever on We Heart Katamari trying to roll up that damned CowBear then you will be a very, very sad person like I was when I realized I had to replicate that phenomenon again.

 So yeah.  Addictive. Lovely. Challenging. Mind-bending. Acid Trip? Yeah. These games are a crazy blend of awesome that will suck you deep in to their chasm of un-reality.
 Signing out for now,
 Lady Lara Jones

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C.K. Rit said...


For now, I'm gonna hold off on how much the 360 I'm not.

Ps3's also have no chance of laser-disc burn, has built-in wi-fi, which is $100 on the 360, built-in battery packs which are $20 each on the 360, ps3's can use blue tooth....etc..

Now, Fat princess rules. From it's cheeky dialogue to it's addictive as hell gameplay...I'm still trying to figure out how to kill 6 people within a second...ridiculous

I would like to point out one of my favorite quotes is when your team loses and the announcer says,

"You just got PWNED"

that is ALL I am going to say about that

actually, just the thought of it almost made me spontaneously throw a controller.

--au revoir--