Thursday, October 29, 2009

I present, for your consideration: The Hunks of Comic-Con.

     Yes, we all knew this was bound to happen eventually.

That looks so much like Hugh Jackman! I am taken aback by this!
(Photo Credit: Cinematical 2009. Used for non-profit, informational purposes only.)

     Golden State Comic Book Convention, founded and then named San Diego Comic Book Convention in 1970, used to only draw around 300 attendees a year. It was a niche group of people who liked to sit around and, go figure, read comics! "Originally showcasing comic books, science fiction/fantasy and film/television (as was evident by the three circled figures appearing in Comic-Con's original logo), and related popular arts, the convention has expanded over the years to include a larger range of pop culture elements, such as horror, anime, manga, animation, toys, collectible card games, video games, webcomics, and fantasy novels."(Wiki NP)

The newest Comic-Con logo.

     Comic-con grew and grew until finally, this year, it turned into such a media marketing event that it had grown beyond anyone's expectations. Over 190,000 people crammed into the convention center this year (up from 125,000 in 2007 and showing a HUGE growth). If you're going to learn about what's coming up in the next year about anything media-related, and of course comic books, you should be keeping tabs on Comic-Con. It is home to the Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards (given for creative achievements in comic books) and the Comic-Con Inkpot Awards (given to professionals in comic book, comic strip, animation, science fiction, and related pop-culture fields). Early award winners of the Inkpot Award include (to nobody's surprise): Stan Lee (Genius of Marvel Comics), Jack Kirby (Marvel Co-Genius), Frank Capra (American Film Director), Bob Clampett (Loony Tunes Animator), Russell Manning (Comic Book Artist), Charles M Schulz (Peanuts creator), and Roy Thomas (Marvel writer/editor).
     Now if youre like us here at the Geekiest Girls You Know, then you obviously are jumping up and down going, "Ooo me! Pick me! I want to go to Comic-Con!" Understandably so, because it sounds like nine million levels of awesome. Listen to any podcast, read some articles, or ask some attendees of this year's Comic-Con, and you might just change your mind before sinking all that money into plane tickets, hotel fees, and the convention pass (now hovering around $100 for a four-day, non-press, general admission pass). The Preview Night passes for 2010 are already completely sold out and general passes are expected to follow in the next couple of weeks.

This is just silly, but still kinda funny.

     "But why?" you say. What fool in their right mind WOULDN'T want to go to Comic-Con. Well, I can actually tell you I've been hearing from multiple podcasts, critics, and writers that attending is not worth it if you don't have a press pass. This is due to mis-management of lines, overcrowding, and an overwhelming problem with scheduling. This year, Twilight fans caused such a clog-up of other panels that many people said they never even got to see one panel that they wanted to. Comic-con is so crowded, in fact, that the convention committee is searching for a more suitable place to hold the con. It's contract for San Diego runs out in 2012 meaning they could re-locate to a much bigger venue. So San Diego Comic Con may be no more after 2012. Rumor has it that they might even change the name because it's not just about comics anymore.

     The guys at "Geek Show Podcast" said they waited in line hours upon hours to just get a toy they wanted or see a panel, and they didn't necessarily get either (and those folks, for the most part, had Press Passes!). I have been reading EVERYWHERE this year that the only reason to go to Comic-con now is if you are going to the lesser-known and lesser-traveled venues like the Comic Book Artists Alley or the Art Show. If you're going for this stuff, then party on! There are also myriads of parties held at geeky venues in the area after the festivities of the day are over, so if you feel like checking out a themed release party, this is also an option. I really agree with Geek Show on this one though, if you're going for movies, don't bother. You will wait in line nine or more agonizing hours to find that you have been duped and will see nothing. My friend K has press passes every year and she even said that she has never been silly enough to try to get into movie panels and trailers (and she probably could considering what major animation studio she works for).

Look at all those Indy's! (Photo courtesy of Google Images. Author unknown.)    

     So, getting to what this article is really about. Last night, I saw this photo album on Cinematical, "The Hunks of Comic-Con." I was actually on the site to read about the new Boondock Saints movie, because, as I am currently living in Maine, I will not be able to see it unless I drive all the way to Boston. On the right of the page, much like a "red carpet fashion album" was, "The Hunks of Comic-Con" and, "The Hottest of Comic-Con." My first reaction was, "Dear god, no. They have turned Comic-Con into every other red carpet stupidity fest."
     But then I clicked on the album and I realized these were, for the most part, just pictures of good-looking fans who put a lot of time into some sweet costumes. I instantly turned my opinion. This, to me, marked the turning of an era. For the first time ever, a super mainstream website focused on Hollywood Pomp and Circumstance was showcasing some sweet Geeks with talent. Cosplayers, even!!! I spent the next hour of my evening gazing at these photos and thinking about how cool it was, how significant it was to geek culture around the world. In Japan, geek culture is already mainstream in many rights, but in the United States it is just breaching the surface of ultra-popular media and shifting into something it never would have been twenty years ago.

Yup. That is walking hotness right there.
(Photo Credit: Cinematical 2009. Used for non-profit, informational purposes only.)

    We are possibly reaching Geek Mecca, and that scares and excites me more than you could ever know. And without further ado, some more "Hunks of Comic Con!" Thanks to Cinematical for making my day. 

Another fantastic Wolverine and a great Sabertooth.
(Photo Credit: Cinematical 2009. Used for non-profit, informational purposes only.)

 This one's for Darci.
Thank goodness this (Tim Burton version) Batman got rid of those stupid nipples.
(At least, I hope he did. It's hard to say in this picture.)
(Photo Credit: Cinematical 2009. Used for non-profit, informational purposes only.)

If this Scorpion shouted, "Get over here!" at me I would most likely comply.
(Photo Credit: Cinematical 2009. Used for non-profit, informational purposes only.)

I don't even like New Republic and this is just awesome. So well done that I have to give props.
(Photo Credit: Cinematical 2009. Used for non-profit, informational purposes only.)

Klingons are totally awesome and classic.
(Photo Credit: Cinematical 2009. Used for non-profit, informational purposes only.)

I think I speak for Brown Coats everywhere when I say, "OOO! Shiny, Captain!"
(Photo Credit: Cinematical 2009. Used for non-profit, informational purposes only.)

~ Lady Jones ~

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Brandon said...

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You have to thank elisabeth rappe for writing the article. Awesome writer and cosplayer. When she took my picture (cover wolverine and my friend wade) she said "I'm going to write an article on the hot guys at comiccon, because every zine does a hot girls every year." I'm certain she said something more eloquent, but that's the jist of it. I'm also quite certain her bosses told her to take pictures of the hot girls and such.