Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I can has my daily interwebs?

     If you're like us here at the Geekiest Girls You Know, then you probably have many blogs, web-comics, and web sites that you check up on daily or weekly. Personally, I've become addicted to RSS Feeds because it means all my fun stuff is conveniently delivered to me in a shiny email so I don't have to check the site for updates myself (If you haven't tried RSS then I highly recommend it). I decided that now might be a good time to talk about all the places on the web that I just can't live without, or at least would be sad if they suddenly vanished from the web. Can you imagine if all your favorite sites were suddenly gone? Think about it. Ten years ago they probably didn't even exist (or were fledgling versions of themselves).  As a media anthropologist I could go all nerd-out, nerd-speak on you for at least the length of a term paper on this topic, but currently I just feel like sharing! So here are all my daily check-stuff-out sites around the web!

1. Youtube
 Well, this seems pretty obvious, but if you haven't gotten really good at search filtering or finding recommended videos that rock then you are missing out on the world my friends. Just saying is all. I have around 30 subscriptions and have somehow found videos in other languages without searching in those languages and therefore unlocking a whole new world of youtube awesome.

2. Danny Choo's "Your Portal to Japan"
 I've already talked about this blog so I'll be brief here. The Tokyo Stormtrooper and CEO of Mirai is really very good at what he does: post quality content on the interwebs for all to see/learn/and feel as though they are immersed in Japan. He is an expert on internet phenomenon as far as I'm concerned and groups like CNN realize this and interview him quite frequently.

If I see him this January when I move to Japan, I've decided I have to tell him how awesome he is...just in case he hasn't heard it a thousand times already. I'll be sure to be

3. Facebook
 This is officially a cop-out answer, but it has to be on here because I spend A LOT of time on that site. It's social networking, so I can't help it. It's a part of my job, my aspirations to spread Geek Girls FTW to others, my life really. You probably share a similar aspect of facebook in your own life.

4. LOL Catz: aka 
  Many of you know about the LOL Catz and their silly photograph antics. This website has fast turned into a social networking site to those who love their cats and want to post photos of them with funny text captions. This site can cheer me up when I'm in the worst of moods, because really, who can't smile at a silly cat who loves cheeseburgers? As a side note, there are some other sites linked to this that are really great, like Engrish Funny, which shows you uses of English that have gone somewhat, awry...(a warning: Engrish Funny sometimes contains mature content like swear words and jokes of a sexual by all means enjoy!).

The photo that started it all...

5. The Geek Show Podcast:
 Although this podcast is located in Utah and I cannot attend their fun social gatherings, this is my number one podcast for all news geek-related. Seriously. I can not speak highly enough of these guys. They really are a quality show. My only complaint is they sometimes make bland jokes about girls that could be interpreted as though they think girls can't be geeks. But meh, they obviously don't really mean it and I just ignore it really. Podcast uploads are every Monday afternoon (when Zack, the Super Producer, gets to uploading them). Check out their fun T Shirts for sale which includes this hilarious one about Star Trek The Next Generation.

"Make it Mother F*ckin So!"...Awesome

6. LOTS of other random ones that are checked randomly....including:
 ThinkGeek, New Egg, Kotaku, Gaijin Smash, Wikipedia, VG Cats, Penny Arcade, and I would still check Newgrounds if it wasn't a virus ridden ride to infection town for my computer....Seriously, dude who runs Newgrounds, you are dumb for letting that happen to your site.

 So go out and enjoy your daily interwebs! You deserve it!!!
 Lady Jones

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