Thursday, October 22, 2009

Think Geek is trying to steal my wallet again!

Seriously people, Think Geek needs to consider how much awesome they have on their site. I only spent around an hour on there the other day and had amassed something like $5,000 in possible spending. Problem here being, I'm really poor, so I won't actually be buying 95% of what's on that list. As a geek girl I felt obligated to share some of the more awesome finds Think Geek had to offer.

 1. Sushi Plush's and Sushi Pillows: sure, it seems like a pretty cheesy thing to market, but I think they're really cute and secretly want a whole set!

Sushi Plush's: Soooo Kawaiiiii!

Sushi Pillows are actually pretty big! I think that one on the right is
supposed to be a wasabi pillow as opposed to green poopy. lol.

2. Ninja Star Push Pins: Ummm...yeah! Who doesn't want these? You could arrange them in your office as though you are a total bad-ass that hung all your posters with ninja stars!

I'm sorry, you said you wanted that form copied RIGHT NOW?
Could I just have a few more minutes, I mean, I'm VERY BUSY hanging my posters
*shows boss ninja stars as he/she faints*

3. LED Jellyfish mood lamp: Not really geeky necessarily...just really cool to look at!

Sweeeeeet. The jellies are totally chillin.' (I heart Finding Nemo *cough* *cough*)

4. Mana potions: Super geeky. Super caffeinated.
  • Each tiny shot is loaded with 160mg of caffeine and tons of other energy boosters.
  • As much caffeine as two cans of Red Bull®
  • Provides 5-8 hours of smooth energy. 
  • No crash you say? I call shenanigans sir.

"I need mana!" - Diablo II.

5. Grow Your Own 1 UP Mushroom: well, not really, but it looks cute! I especially like how the warning has to read, "DO NOT EAT!" because some idiot totally would try to even though it's plastic.


6. The Star Was Force Trainer: Yeah. It's that f*cking awesome. Just read the description I pulled from the site...

Develop your powers of concentration, you will.

"The Force is all around us. It flows around and through us. It is between us and that tree and the rock, around our sunken X-Wing, going through our wallet, tickling our armpits, and flowing between our ears. You think we're joking, but the only way to guide the Force outside your body is to guide the Force inside your head. Yoda told us that once when we had stew over at his house. The stew was ok (if you like licking swamp creatures), but the advice was invaluable.

And now Yoda is ready (in electronic form) to help guide you through 15 levels of mind mastery. The Star Wars Force Trainer is a fantastic leap forward in technology. The headset actually measures your brainwaves - brainwaves you will learn how to control. Seriously, your brainwaves will lift the ball in the Star Wars Force Trainer device (well, technically air will, but the strength of your brainwaves will control the power of the air). This is a toy you will buy for your kid, and then take to your own room and never give back. Your geekling may cry, but you will master the Force. And that's all that matters. With Yoda and the Star Wars Force Trainer, fail you will not.
But Seriously ThinkGeek, How Does It Really Work?
It's quite simple. depending on the amount of Midichlorians you have in your cells, each of you possess differing abilities to control your brainwaves. Using dry sensor technology, the Force Trainer can determine the differences between the alpha, beta, gamma and delta waves present in your brain. You can control these different brain 'states' by using your ability to focus and to concentrate. A micro-chip inside the Force Trainer then uses an algorithm to figure out which brain state you are in and then decides how to raise or lower the ball based on that state. It's kind of like magic, except the kind from a Galaxy far far away."

  Wow. I want very very badly.

There you have it! A list of awesome geeky-ness that I totally cannot afford but definitely wish I could!
 Happy geeking!
 Lady Lara Jones


Mordeth said...

That force trainer looks awesome!
I would definitely invest in one of those before say..a greenish-gray poop-pillow.

Also, I managed to learn circular breathing in a day, just saying.

Jayne said...

So payday is this Friday. I know the reason why I won't be buying groceries this week!