Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Clash of Nerd Titans

For those of you who've often wondered what it looks like when two awesome things are put across an unnecessarily large table from each other, I give you Stephen Colbert and Neil (The Anti-Alan Moore) Gaiman!

Two things.
~Neil Gaiman matching Colbert's nerdy lit references and subtle mocking fills me with geeky glee unparalleled by anything I can think of off the top of my head right this second.
~Stephen Colbert quoting Tolkien's (stunningly boring) Tom Bombadill poem is hands down the sexiest thing I've ever witnessed on television.

Why, oh dear and fluffy Space Buddah, does this kind of thing not happen EVERYDAY!?

Gaiman is pimping his latest attempt to rob the children of the world (and me) of sleep, the (Newbury Award Winning) Graveyard Book. I wasn't as terrified by this book as I was by Coraline, but it was a close second. Go read it, or the Jacks will get you.

Bonus content: the Graveyard Book website held an Epitaph Contest. I think, as nerds, you will appreciate the contributions of the winners:

Douglas Warren
Holy Crap!
The Mayans Were Right!
Jim Grayson
It was pitch black.
He was eaten by a grue.
Here lies Susanne.

Here lies Susanne.

Here lies Sus—DAMMIT!

Here lie—ARRRRGH.

This time we used a stake


Lady Lara Jones said...

This, is nine levels of awesome.

Bartholomew Percival Osgood said...

Nerd Notes:
-Alan Moore was the one that convinced Gaiman to start writing comics, taking over his run on Miraclemen. Which eventually led (along with Medieval Spawn) to a court battle with Todd MacFarlane.

-The Watchmen is dedicated, in part, to Gaiman.

-Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman are BFFs.

Darcy said...

Indeed they are BFFs, this is true. However, they are like Xavier and Magneto in that one is a shining beacon of awesomeness and the other is a negative zone of darkness and bitter scaryness and still they respect each other and hang out on weekends, possibly to play chess with thier minds.

Danicus said...

OH MY GOD. I would totally read that comic. Y'know, X-Men, starring Neil Gaiman and Alan Moore.

Danicus said...

He's right, Art Spiegelman is amazing at capturing abject despair.