Monday, March 30, 2009

GeekTV: Family Guy 1UPs Self with Geekiest episode to date!

The basic plot: Meg gets religion from Kirk Cameron and tries to convert Brian and that pretty funny, but the best part is the "subplot" where Stewie builds a transporter and uses it to kidnap the cast of Star Trek the Next Generation, all voiced by the actual cast! EVERYONE! Including that chick that's famous for dying that one time(Denise Crosby...I think?). Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes and Micheal Dorn, as anyone who watches Family guy regularly knows, have already guest-cameoed once in this infamous and ridiculously funny scene that is stunningly hard to find on the Internet:

But this is EVERYONE. LaVar Burton, Gates McFadden, Brent Spiner, Marina Sirtis and WILL WHEATON!(He makes me happy. When all the nerdy little boys were drooling over Deanna Troi and crushing on Dr. Crusher, I was oogling the awkward tag-along nerd kid. Possibly the beginning of a pattern. Pity me.)

-Everything that comes out of Patrick Stewart's animated mouth
-The Drive Thru scene
- Random Calvin and Hobbes
-LaVar Burton cursing. Two references to his visor
-Stewie finally settling the whole Picard/Kirk debate
-an awkward and painfully accurate illustration of Trekkie stereotype
-God as Flash Gordon
-totally random New Kids on the Block
-Adam West...nuff said

Am I wrong for wishing that the cast hung out all the time and was actually like this?

Also: Must...smother...urge to...cuddle...animated...Will Wheaton....!


Bartholomew Percival Osgood said...

Wil Wheaton...awesome. Check out Penny Arcade...HE GAMES WITH THEM. Yeah...they let him on as an intern in their adventuring party for D&D 4th Ed. They have a podcast available on the WoC site...I haven't made it through their first session with Scott Kurtz, but I can't wait to start listening to Tycho, Gabe, Scott, and Wesley kickin' it dragon slaying style.

Jayne said...

This entire episode was a giant geekgasm. Also, Wil Wheaton needs to be less adorable because I have a GIGANTIC crush on him.

Also, Patrick Stewart is made of pure aweosme.