Sunday, March 15, 2009

Yup, Still Haunted

Time for a drive-by posting. I am currently hanging out in Virginia Beach for the next couple of days, which decided to go from 75 and sunny to 40 and rainy just for my visit (and don't think I don't know you're behind this, Alan Moore! You and your beard!) and am thus being even lazier than usual. Which, basically means I am one very small step away from evolving into a banana slug.

But I digress. You have a real post coming soon, but until then I have to tell you that you have to get out of here! Why? Well, your vagina is haunted, of course!

Let us not forget this gem from Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose:

And now the Internets, being the the great thing that they are, have picked up this idea and run with it. Head on over to Haunted Daily to marvel at all the haunted vaginas, and don't forget to join in before it's too late: you're vagina might be haunted even as we speak. Now get out of here!


Darcy said...

Dear Internets,
I love you.

Liz said...

I live in VA Beach, and you'd think that our meteorologists would just commit suicide after a while. :/

Hey, while if you're still here, we could have a Geek Girl convention!

Jayne said...

I was looking forward to escaping the cold weather in Chicago for a couple of days, only for VA Beach to turn on me. I shake my fist at thee, weather!

I'm only going to be in town until Wed, and then it's back to Chicago for wind chill factors and classes. I'm not sure if that's enough time to meet up or not, but next time I'm passing through VA we should grab a drink.

Liz said...

WHO IS USING MY NAME??? IMPOSTER! Don't give me that "but its a pretty popular name" thing!...I know who you're working for...