Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I have seen through their clever plan

It's fitting that with the end of the semester approaching with the speed and impact of a runaway train (and consequently making me realize I am made of fail) that it would be comics that pulls me from my sleepless, stressed out, school work daze. For a nice change of pace, it's DC this time instead of Marvel.

I think there might be some people in the background, but I can't see past the BOOBS, so who knows.

A lot of other people have already been commenting on this, and there isn't a lot left for me to say. Kara's face isn't shown, just her torso, so yes it is dehumanizing. And, yes, this is another example how DC wants her to be both sweet and innocent and yet sex her the hell up for the fanboy pandering. Comics sure do love them some Whore/Madonna complex. Also, does DC not any person to perhaps point how incredibly tasteless and gross this is? Not even an intern?

Initially, my reaction was anger and disgust and then it shifted into resigned acceptance. This is just yet another in a long line of examples of comics, especially the big two, being really, purposefully blind to the rampant sexism and female objectification that they put out. And with the resignation came a realization of DC and Marvel's clever plan!

So we all know that anger takes energy. By continuing to put out things like this and Marvel Divas, DC and Marvel will wait until everyone gets too tired to keep protesting and criticizing them and just gives in and accepts it. Devious!

This is just to say that DC and Marvel are sticking to the wrong, outdated idea that comics are for men and not women and nothing will ever change that and they are going to bring on the boobs!

Oh, comics, you bring out the uncontrollable strangly hands in me.

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