Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Yet Another Day I wish I was Fluent in Written Japanese

Today I realized two things I really wished I could accomplish. One: I wish I was fluent in written Japanese. This would allow me to purchase games far in advance of the release dates in America and also to procure a lot of games that are never released in the United States. Among these games are a slew of Anime-Based games that will never see the light of day in America due to lack of interest. This makes me sad...

Two: I wish I was able to buy things in Japan that are pretty much only available in Japan. Today I discovered something that I wanted more than anything and I can't have it unless I can fly to Tokyo and go to Shibuya for a day to visit the Square Enix Store. That's right...Square Enix has a store in Tokyo. Could you handle the awesomeness? I sure can't. What's more is they have a new product called Uki Uki Chocobo that makes me squee. In English this product is known as, "Happy Floating Chocobo," and yes, it's a rubber ducky chocobo. No rubber ducky could ever top the adorable that is this 980 yen toy.

I give you the Uki Uki Chocobo!!!

And just to give you some more Japanese stuff from Square Enix that I can't read but want to drool over anyways...
Here are some screen shots from Final Fantasy XIII...


Baby Chocobo!!!

Dog Orb-Head... thing? Yeah?

And the AMAZING trailer you can find on Square Enix's Japanese website:

You can find it here as long as you have the latest flash player:

Hooray Square Enix!
I'll be picking up Final Fantasy XIII for sure. It has the same awesome turn based system I love with some new innovations, and of course the amazing, cutting-edge, awesome-tastic plots, cinemas, and summons that come with every Final Fantasy.
Bring on the shiny!
Signing out,
Lady Laura Jones


Danicus said...

I havent felt truly happy with a Final Fantasy game since VI (III here in the states). And that's the God's honest truth. however, I will be icking this up, as I have picked every one of them up, because.... hope springs eternal. Maybe this could be the one that's actually REALLY good.
Give me a protagonist who isnt whiny, Secondary characters with some real personality, and a world worth saving... that's all i ask. Oh, and I realize I won't get this at all, but I would like a Final fantasy game with low-tech again. you know, worlds without flying motorcycles and airships the size of small cities.
Just a thought.
like i said, ill be buying this anyway, but i felt like venting. :-p

Lady Lara Jones said...

Since the hero of our tale (or heroine, I should say) is a girl, I'm pretty excited about this game. It's the first time Final Fantasy has put a girl in charge of the group, and she looks to be a pretty strong protagonist indeed. I am very excited to play this release when it finally makes it to the US. Maybe in 2010?

Danicus said...

Ahem. Terra and Celes, Final Fantasy VI. Terra is the crux of the first half of the game, and Celes is the main character through the whole second half, and one of only three you HAVE to have from the moment the second half begins.
Locke is optional from the moment the magic continent crashes, and dowsnt need to be recovered and put back on the team to achieve the ending, despite being most people's pick for 'main' character.
Not trying to start a fight, just saying is all.
Maybe this is a sign heralding a return to good games for Final Fantasy... here's hoping.

Bartholomew Percival Osgood said...

And X-2...or do we not count that...I mean...I'd understand not acknowledging that as a game...

Ok...I made it to like 51% and gave up because I couldn't master my dress changes fast enough...