Friday, April 24, 2009

In the meantime...

I think it's been a bit longer than usual since I posted something of interest so, in order to remain unforgotten by you, dear reader, I offer this:

G.I. Joe: Resolute!

This is a a series of ten or so five-minute long webisodes that premiered on April 17th. I'm pretty sure they are supposed to be in the continuity of the movie or at least within some accepted Joe continuum. I admit I was way more into the Ninja Turtles and Power Rangers (cough*JemandtheHolograms*cough) when this show was on, so I'm not at all in the know about the goings on of G.I. Joe. I know Snake eyes doesn't talk and I always thought the Baroness was kinda cool cause she wore glasses like me, but thats about it...still I'm way into watching these webisodes!

MY GOD is this a good looking peice of work. Especially for something that is made for the web. Then again, stuff like this just goes to show that the future of awesome lies in made-for-the-internet productions like this. It looks gritty and violent with classy anime-ish animation (looks kinda like Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex or Samurai Champloo!) like a G.I. Joe cartoon in my humble opinion SHOULD be!

This will actually premier on TV, (on adultswim obviously) at midnight TOMMOROW NIGHT!
The series will wrap up online with a ten minute finale, all of which will be shown on adultswim and then subsequently be released on DVD.

Makes me excited for the movie!

I'll have something more substantial later this week!


Danicus said...

Yeah, this does exist in G.I. Joe cartoon continuity. Some years have passed since the original cartoon, though. Cobra Commander mentions that him being a fool was all an act that suited his purposes at the time, but he's showing his true, vicious colors now.

This cartoon frigging OWNS. I really hope it becomes a full series.

Bartholomew Percival Osgood said...

Yeah. Warren Ellis wrote it:

"So I wrote what we call a "micro-series" called GI JOE: RESOLUTE. (This has been misreported elsewhere as GI JOE ABSOLUTE, which may give aid and comfort to the people at Hasbro who weren’t wild about the title!) It’s an hour long, broken into ten 5-minute episodes and one 10-minute final episode.

It went like this. Sam Register phoned me up and said, we’d really like you to write a GI JOE animation, at a PG-13 rating, aimed at an older viewer. I said, I’ve never seen a GI JOE cartoon in my life. The closest I got to a GI JOE comic was drinking with Larry Hama. I’ve never even seen a GI JOE. Couldn’t tell you what they look like if you paid me. I know nothing about GI JOE. It is meaningless in my world.

Excellent, Sam said. Just the guy we need.

It was hard not to notice, at this point, that Sam Register is crazier than a shithouse rat. Therefore I decided to take the job."

Darcy said...

I absolutly love it when crazy people are put in charge of things that are awesome. That statement may in fact come back to bite me in the ass.

Bartholomew Percival Osgood said...

"Pleeease...there ain't a gun on this planet I ain't trained on."

Ving Rhames' body + Jesse "The Body" Ventura's lines in Predator + Robert Downey Jr.'s voice in Tropic Thunder (go Steve Blum!) = Roadblock

Pie said...

I f'ing LOVE GI-Joe! I actually didn't watch the show or read the comics till I was 15-ish, but when I was little my brother gave me a GI-Joe action figure, and he and Barbie (along with the ninja turtles, she-ra and my little pony) kicked Ken's ASS. (I sharpie an eye patch on him, thus making him the bad guy. What a wussy doll. No genitalia and his head was always falling off.)

*coughs* Anyway, long story short. You made my day. I only wish I wasn't in Vienna so I could watch.