Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Why Haven't I heard of The Tokyo Storm Trooper Before Now!!!

There are some days when I realize just how lucky we are to have the internet. Really, you can be surfing around for something and then stumble upon a site you never would have thought existed. Well, this morning I stumbled across one of those sites while looking for directions to Nakano Broadway (a small mall outside central Tokyo that has collectors stores you can't find anywhere else in Japan). The site is called dannychoo.com, and the article I found about Nakano Broadway was brilliantly written on a well-designed and well-conveyed site layout, and complete with extra large, awesome-tastic photos (notice the no photo stickers on some of the items photographed...I wasn't as brave as Danny when it came to sneaking these pics when I was in Tokyo). You can find the article I stumbled upon here: http://www.dannychoo.com/adp/eng/523/Nakano+Broadway.html

But wait, there's more! Just when you thought I had introduced you to a site about Japan, I discover this site is riddled with geeky awesomeness! In fact, I am SHOCKED I have never heard of Danny before, as he has been on Attack of the Show (G4), CNN, the BBC, and Tokyo Broadcasting Station, and is world famous for his computer-cred., incredible website, and You Tube antics as the Tokyo Stormtrooper. He runs Tokyo CGM Night, which works with community e-commerce solutions, and his computer and employment credentials are enough to make any ambitious Otaku dream of being that successful! (he has worked for Mirai, Microsoft, and Amazon, just to name a few!) I feel super incredibly lazy compared to this guy and it makes me want to run right out and get that PhD I've been saying I'm going to get for the past two years!

Danny getting ready to film with Olivia and Kevin from Attack of the Show. (Picture from dannychoo.com)

The website is everything I have dreamed of in hopes of running my own site some day. It combines the talents of journalism, photography, blogging, html, and all-around computer savvy to make a site that you can get literally sucked into for hours (I browsed for about two hours before I thought I should really be writing a post about it). When you browse the site you can find cool stuff about Japan, Anime Figurines, Manga, Akiba, Computers, Technology, and random happenings in the world of Danny! His posts are extremely well-written, and the photography is obviously taken with some seriously expensive Nikon (or the like). This is one of my favorite posts... http://www.dannychoo.com/adp/eng/1568/A+Week+in+Tokyo+24.html which features some great pictures of Tokyo and the Tokyo Storm Trooper himself!

The Tokyo Storm Trooper is sleeping in public! Oh noes! (picture from dannychoo.com)

So maybe you're saying to your computer screen, "Duh, Lady Jones. How have you not heard about Danny before? You must be seriously out of date on your geek happenings!" And for this, I apologize, because I have no idea how the Tokyo Storm Trooper ever slipped under my radar.
To anyone else who hasn't heard of this before, I hope I just gave you a gold-mine's worth of articles to browse and You Tube videos to watch. It certainly makes my inner geek squee!

This is seriously the most awesome office ever, and I am very jealous of all his Haruhi Suzumiya figurines! (well the ones with clothes on anyways...lols)

Lastly, I leave you with one of the videos that made Tokyo Storm Trooper a serious internet legend.

And no, this next video is not overkill. It's awesome.

signing out in joy,
Lady Lara Jones

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