Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Guest Author: Dancing Shadow

Hello all! New writer here. Yes, i play WOW. No, it hasn't consumed my soul. I have boobs and often can be found stationed in front of computer or with a controler in my hands. Moving along to the reviews!

PS2 games that still make me smile (aka The PS2- I'm not dead yet!)

I don't know about the rest of the gaming world out there, but personally I still have a running love affair with the PS2. (yeah I said it. Not literally folks...) Despite the talk about the wonders of the 360 (and I believe you all! I've played it many times! It IS awesome) and how the PSP is supposed to be another revolutionary system (I believe you guys a lot less...) I really still hold deep affection for my old PS2. Hell, it's the only system I personally own besides a used DS lite, and it's the original old fat version that's almost 7 years old now, if that doesn't tell you something about how I take care of my toys.
But really I feel it's the best way some games come across. Here's an example. Ookami is a fantastic game about the goddess Amaterasu who travels the land to heal it from evils. Granted knowing mythology adds so many layers to this game, alone it prevails as a cell-shaded wonder and was very well thought out. The controls are pretty simple, but as the game progresses the controls expand to make the entire world become slowly more interactive, accessible and exciting. Every location has hidden treasures, mini quests, side games, and an environment that can usually be affected by the brush stroke system that Amaterasu uses as her magic. The only set backs are these; if the analog sticks get sticky or have trouble moving smoothly then the brush work can be a pain in the ass. Really. At one point you have to make circles with the brush (which if you look at it, you'll notice it's actually the wolf's tail) and if you don't get it right several times in a row, you have to start over. And over. And over. Which sucks because it's one of the few places in the game that won't let you back away and save when you get pissed. I'd like to point out that I'm not good at drawing any kinds of circles, so this made me nuts.

Meanwhile, on the Wii, this part is a sin against anyone who isn't Da Vinci. We suffer, oh we suffer. The Wii paintbrush work sounds like the best idea EVER, I mean, you are holding the 'brush' and you move your arm to make the circles. GENIUS! Unless the system has errors with this. Like the Wii, for instance. Now don't think for a moment that I don't like the Wii. I adore well thought out games like Bleach and Mario Party. But I feel that as archaic as some people feel the PS2 is, it still is superior in some ways. Dare I say it, Harvest Moon is another one that really came out shinning on the PS1 (playable on the PS2). I know this will spark some lame argument, but I feel like the PS1 version of HM was better than any other. Persona 3 FES is another game that impressed me with it's fighting system, social interactions, and plot. I haven't had a chance to play Persona 4 yet, but all my room mates are raving about that one too.

In the end, I feel that this system is still worth owning and playing. As easy as it might be to be swept away with new and shiny objects, I still feel that the PS2 should not be put aside so soon. Enough people obviously agree with me, because companies are still producing games for it, and so I cheer. Yay nerds! I love games! Keep making PS2 toys for me! That will be all.
~Dancing Shadow

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