Tuesday, February 24, 2009

And sometimes fandom rewards your patience and suffering...like in Buddhism!

Chris Claremont returns to write the X:Men...right where he left off!
(thanks to Danicus for showing me this!)
I have always been a fan of simplicity. (It's probably derived from my base character concept: laziness.) I don't like having to think too much, at least not when it comes to comic continuity. It is widely acknowledged by the people who acknowledge such things that keeping up with the X-Men continuity these days is like nailing jell-o to a tree. That's probably why, when I read about Mr. Claremont's nostalgia sponging idea, I spontaneously squeed myself.

Ah, for the simpler times. 1991: an up and coming wunderkind artist by the name of Jim Lee is getting his showcase in a little relaunched baby title called simply X-Men with Chris Claremont the man who is responsible for some of the the most famous story arcs in the history of the X-Men franchise (Dark Pheonix Saga, Days of Future Past, God Loves, Man Kills) at the writing helm.
Then a few issues in, the wonder team wanders off, Jim Lee for his creator owned Wildstorm titles, Claremont for the wilds of other projects, and the downward spiral begins.

But now, in a stroke of mad-brilliance, Chris is picking up right where he left off, sadly, sans Lee (art is being done by Tom Gummet with a slightly third generation Kubert-esque style that's growing on me, even though I've never heard of the guy)

Now where, in the scope of crazy-straw continuity does that leave us?

Imagine if you will:

The team is still split into two, the Blue and Gold teams, lead by Cyclops and Storm (yay! Women in Leadership! Cyclops too cause he's a giant puss.) and most of the world still thinks they are dead! So much could be done with that!

Jean Grey, while still an emotional basket-case, is alive and not married to Scott! She has not yet settled firmly into her Pheonix persona, and has only died once. The potential is limitless.

The Beast is still semi-human looking; he does not at all resemble the mutant love child of Grover and Mufasa!

Storm is still a knife-fight-having-former-African-goddess-in-a-costume-that-isn't-awful-looking-badass! She isn't married to the Black Panther, (though I think that's kinda cool in a pandering sort of way.) and she is still suffering from the occasional psychotic violent claustrophobia induced episode that causes her to lay waste to shit for miles around. That's exciting!
ROGUE STILL HAS HER POWERS, they are out of control, she still can't be with her one true Cajun love machine, Gambit. Big hair and a southern-drawl, the way Rogue SHOULD be! Roll out the drama machine!

Wolverine!!! No bone claws, no memory of his past, still rockin' the tan and brown suit, still emo about Mariko and Jean Grey, still a furry little Canadian BADASS MOFO. The Wolverine that everyone I know loves and remembers.

Gambit: Still a Badass! (Though to be fair he never really stopped being a badass, but he's still a mysterious badass!)

I could go on, but as the laziness fairy reminds me, it would be super nerdy, obscure references and a waste of the readers time. This article goes into the exact state of the Marvel Universe in 1991 with a lot more depth than I have the patience to. (So read it!)

Chris Claremont is a great writer, whose strength lies in group and character stories, not to mention his extreme familiarity with the subject. I can't contain my excitement to read this, my first foray into the Marvel Universe since the late 90's that wasn't basic shelf browsing. If you are so inclined you should go pick up pretty much everything he's ever written cause chances are you'll enjoy it!


Danicus said...

Ugh. I hate Gambit. I'll go more in depth if prompted, but trust me... you WILL NOT like what I have to say about that loser. Anything I may have already told you is like a drop in the ocean of contempt i have for him.

In other news, I didn't even consider that Wolverine would still be hunting for clues to his past again, and not know about the bone claws. That alone is enough to keep me psyched.

Jayne said...

Oh, Darcy, you're subject header just makes me think of the Buddha reading comics and then meditating on the nature of the universe, and it is a deeply awesome mental image.

I can see why Claremont will pick up where he left off because good god is X-Men continuity almsot as bad as DC's pre Crisis.

I'm looking forward to going back to Wolverine before he was in ever Marvel title ever. Also, Jean Gray still hanging around is awesome. I always liked her. If I had money I would totally pick up that title.

Danicus said...

Oh, boy! Colossus before his life fell apart! His sister Illyana is still alive, no one has the Legacy Virus... what a wonderful time to go back to. *SIGH*