Tuesday, February 10, 2009

NOT a Girl Power rant at all...I swear!

New ‘Wonder Woman’ Animated Images Go Online, Producer Bruce Timm Talks Fashion & Mythology

Published by Casey Seijas on Friday, January 16, 2009 at 11:49 am.

When you’re dealing with a character like Wonder Woman — who has a long, storied history within the DCU — it’s often difficult to bring anything new to the table, even when you’re an Emmy Award-winning animator like Bruce Timm. However, rather than make any drastic changes to the character in the upcoming addition to DC’s critically acclaimed series of direct-to-DVD animated features, “Wonder Woman,” Timm — who serves as the film’s producer — simply decided to give the Amazon Warrior Princess a new pair of boots.
“We [looked] at a lot of the comics for inspiration,” said Timm. “One of the things that we specifically liked about [comic book artist] Adam Hughes’ most recent take on Wonder Woman was that he gave her kind of baggy boots – instead of those super-tight, go-go boot-type things. It’s a minor change, but it had an effect on her design.”

Naturally, fancy footwear isn’t the only thing fans can look forward to from the movie. After the jump Timm discusses how “Wonder Woman” will stand out from the rest of the series of DC animated features, and drops some hints about the overall story.
“We didn’t want to do anything that even remotely looked like what we have done with Wonder Woman on ‘Justice League,’” Timm said in regards to the challenges he faced in developing “Wonder Woman.” “She presents a challenge because she needs to be drop-dead gorgeous, but also very, very strong both physically and emotionally. She’s a powerful presence and we had to find that balance between athleticism and glamor.”

And despite the recent comments by the film’s screenwriter, Michael Jelenic, that “Wonder Woman” would be
a mash-up of “300″ style battles with “rom-com” elements, Timm insisted that the film will indeed have the necessary ancient Greek elements Wonder Woman fans have come to expect from her epic comic tales.
“One of the things that really intrigued us the most about the whole Wonder Woman mythology is the actual mythology of it,” explained Timm. “Her character has distinct roots in classic Greek mythology, so we really played that up. The movie actually starts with a fairly long, epic battle that takes place in ancient times. It’s swords and sorcery, die-hard Amazon warriors versus monsters and barbarians.”

“Wonder Woman,” which features the vocal talents of Keri Russell, Alfred Molina, Virginia Madsen, Rosario Dawson and Oliver Platt, will premiere at next month’s New York Comic Con on February 6. Fans who won’t be able to attend the special screening will have to wait until “Wonder Woman” hits shelves on DVD and Blu-ray on March 3. The film will also be available on OnDemand, Pay-Per-View as well as digital download.

Ok. SO. I am ridiculously excited about this! Bruce Timm + ANYTHING = WIN. PLUS the voice of Steve Trevor is Nathan "Sex God in Suspenders" Fillion! (Why he isn't mentioned at the bottom of the article I don't know.)

But, fangirl squeeing aside, why has it taken so damn long for Wondy to get her own solo feature?! She is just as big a player in the DC Universe as her partners in the "Trinity"; Batman and Superman. She's considered the MOST powerful and dangerous woman in the DC Universe by lots and lots of people. She is arguably just as internationally recognizable as her male counterparts, but Wonderwoman has just never had the same success getting a franchise off the ground. Why didn't she get her own animated series when Supes and Bats had them?! Someone explain it to me! (Please Note: Her Live-action show from the 70's which is great but doesn't hold up wih modern audiences, and her portrayal in the WB's Justice League cartoons that some bastard exec cancelled and DC: the New Frontier animated movie where she was voiced by Lucy Lawless.)

I could rage and bitch and moan about the comic book industry's rampant gender bias and this society's persistent and egregious smothering of powerful women, but that's exhausting and I'm unprepared at this time for an argument that wouldn't just come out sounding like GRR!!ARGH!! I prefer using big words and sounding intelligent/coherent.

Honestly though, I don't think the above mentioned is solely to blame. Wondy has, sadly, been held back with weak story lines, ridiculous gimmicky character revamps and an embarrassing vulnerability to being tied up that has made her unrelatable and ill-suited to franchise translation. At some points in Wondy's career I'm sure her handlers could even be accused of a horrible corporate custom I've dubbed SUPER-PANDERING. (will rant about this further in a future post I'm sure.)

As I said I'm crazy excited about this movie (even though its pretty much straight to DVD) and I guess I'll take what I can get. I'd be REALLY happy if this did well and it led to other superheroines (Zatanna, Powergirl, Supergirl Big Barda, Batgirl, Hawkgirl, Black Canary, Huntress...did I just list the cast of the Birds of Prey feature? I THINK I DID.) got their own movies or features or series!

This blog is PROOF that a market exists form these movies. I'm pretty sure if the action is good enough, (judging by the trailer above, it is) it will appeal to the boys too. Powerful women are sexy fellas! Please don't let Wondy dissapear into Pander-land again!


Jayne said...

WORD, Darcy. That's all I got. Also you were very coherent and way more articulate than I would have been. I would have resorted to keyboard mashing. I would seriously LOVE to get a Big Barda franchise. She is awesome, DC! You do not kill off awesome!

Hell, I would even like more Hawkgirl! (Who is 75% less crazy giant googly eyes than her male counterpart. True fact).

Danicus said...

Uhh, I think a Zatanna feature film would probably usher in the End of Days... if only because there would be no reason to continue with existence. We'd have reached it peak.

I evol em emos annataz!