Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Batman can do ANYTHING! Even be ADORABLE!

I wish I'd known about the new Cartoon Network Show Batman Brave and the Bold earlier!

I know the character designs look childish, its actually aimed at really young kids, and you can tell. I, however, still really enjoyed watching it. It was designed to be reminiscent of Mattel's Super Friends line of toys. (Ages 3+)

I think he's cute! Definitely not the dark gritty angsty Bats we've come to love via the comics of the last twenty years or so or the Tim Burton/Nolan/Bale films. Is there really anything wrong with a kinder gentler Batman for the kiddies (and maybe the kid inside some of us)?

Before the darker films the world's image of Batman was defined by the Adam West campy TV show. It had its problems but it was accessible and fun for the whole family! From what I've been reading the show is being blasted by (ignorant hateful) fans of the darker versions of the franchise for being too bright, cheesy and ridiculous

The new show, which is Batman teaming up with some seriously cool, formerly C-class Justice Leaguers like the Red Tornado, Green Arrow (in his classic Silver age, beardless design), Plastic Man, the new Blue Beetle Jaime (voiced by Will Friedle, who previously voiced Terry McGuiness from Batman Beyond and debuting in an episode that also featured the Ted Kord version of the Beetle voiced by Will Wheaton!!!!! -nerdgasm-) Booster Gold, Captain Atom and...Aquaman (oy) for various and sundry adventures both in and out of Gotham.

Batman himself is voiced by that guy from the Drew Carey show that didn't move on to a popular improv comedy show (Diedrich Bader) which garnered a "Really?" reaction from me. He sounds very Adam West-y and I think I love it.

Yeah the show is cheesy, campy and the tone and character interactions reek of 60's era Justice League and World's Finest comics but I enjoy it for just that reason.

Here's part one of the really cool Blue Beetle episode, you can seek the rest on your own if you so desire, right?
Batman Brave and the Bold premieres new episodes Friday nights @ 8pm EST on the Cartoon Network. This week Batman adventures with THE GREEN LANTERN CORPS! Watch it!



Anonymous said...

Ahem. Green Arrow is at LEAST a B-list hero.

Jayne said...

Oh, sure, talk about Jamie but don't mention dead gay Ted or anything. FAIL

Darcy said...

I DID TOO mention dead gay Ted in there you lying lyer-faced teller of filty lies!

Jayne said...

Hey! I'm a lie-filled lieasaurus NOT a lyer-faced, because my face is not made from a strong base, thank you very much. And I think we can both agree this was an excuse to say "dead gay Ted" in the comments.