Monday, February 09, 2009

Blasphemy...IN SPACE!

So if you've ever heard my numerous Zombie Jesus jokes, or my not really true at all recaps of the gospels or, really, have spoken with me for even thirty seconds throughout any given day, you know that I'm going to end up in Dante's Sixth Circle of Hell reserved for heretics and blasphemers. So I'm not sure if I should find this funny or be jealous that I didn't think of it first:

So I guess that the ROY G. BIV magic ring space lantern corps whatever are having a giant civil war battle in space or something. All I know for certain is that it's probably unforgivably retarded. But I am intrigued by the Blue Lanterns up there. So far all we have is space Ganesh and some fish-faced alien who calls himself a saint, so he's either a Space Catholic or Space Mormon. I'm hoping we're going to get other religious figures, like Space Moses! Space Jesus! Space Vishnu! Space Buddha! I'm not ashamed to admit I would probably read about the adventures of Space Buddha. Throw in some space zombies and I'm sold for life.

Of course, given Geoff Jones irrational love for Hal Jordan THE BEST LANTERN IN THE HISTORY OF FOREVER (which, okay, I'm not one to talk seeing my irrational love for my dead gay amputee space TV boyfriend and some other comic characters coughdeadgayTedcough), I now have the sneaking suspicion that Hal Jordan is going to turn out to be the capital G god of the universe, and if that happens I'll be forced to brick DC in the face. You all know that I'd do it too.


Danicus said...

Uhh, Hal already did that GOD OF ALL THINGS EVER schtick once, back in the nineties, when he became Parallax. He tried to reset time, and fix things that went wrong (like bringing Green Arrow back to life, for example)

...then he died. And Geoff Johns brought him back. A run that was mediocre at best, but has one saving grace. Making Guy Gardner a Green Lantern again. I loves me some Guy Gardner.

And yes, we all miss Ted. a lot. Blue & Gold were where it was at.

Jayne said...

I had managed to block out the whole Parallax arc. It's not that I hate Hal Jordan, but I really don't get he's THE BESTEST MOST AWESOME LANTERN EVER that Geoff Jones has been pushing. He's good, but the fact that Kyle is an artist and has unlimited imagination actually makes him more suited to be a lantern than Hal. Also, Guy Gardner is awesome and there should be more of him.

Dead gay Ted and Booster were one of the reasons I started reading comics in the first place. DC kills everything that I love. Well, DC and Alan Moore.

Danicus said...

Ted and Booster were not the reason I started, but definitely one of the first things that made me realize that comics could be funny and still be amazing at the same time. the Giffen/ DeMatteis run on Justice League is, to me, still considered the perfect version of the team. Sure, Morrison did an amazing one too, but I love the humor and wit that came with the JLI.

I could sit here and debate the Green Lantern question forever, and, i guess, I'm willing to.

Some points: Alan Scott is the best Lantern of them all, being that he died of old age about ten years ago and has so much willpower he didnt even notice until Mr. Terrific figured it out. The guy is literally living willpower right now, and that is AWESOME.

But, as far as actual members of the Corps goes, Kyle just isnt beloved by the fans enough for him to be The Greatest. Sure, it makes perfect sense, and as an artist myself i know how useful it would be.

Yeah, Kyle has the credentials though, being the only Green Lantern for a period of years, guarding a whole galaxy on his own, even becoming a living power battery for a while, when he became Ion. (Much Like Alan Scott is now) Much more of a claim to fame than Jordan, who WENT NUTS AND TRIED TO DESTROY THE UNIVERSE. I love the guy, but that's a hell of a black mark on his application for 'Greatest GL of Them All".

*pant, pant, wheeze*

Jayne said...

I'm going to admit that my knowldege of Green Lantern contunity is not what is should be. And as a student living off ramen noodles, I no longer have that nice disposable income to buy comics and catch up.

I am really glad that you reminded me about Alan Scott, because he is hardcore. I also need to catch up on my JSA.

I know that Kyle doens't have as long a history as Hal Jordan and therefore does not have as large a fanbase (although the one he does have is pretty rabid.)

I think part of my problem with Hal Jordan is that he's sort of archtypal for me. What depth and dimension he does have is more of arrogance than anything else (or at least that's the way I read it). Having him destory the entire universe, and then retcon it so that it isn't even his fault, is just such an obvious comic gimmick that it annoys me.

I am fully willing to admit that maybe if I read more about him I would feel differently, but Hal as a character never interested me at all. Of course, I find myself oddly fond of G'Nort, so there's obviously something wrong with me.

I think I may have used up my geek quota for the night.

Danicus said...

Yeah, Alan Scott and the JSA are probably my favorite super-team of all time. Gotta love that Golden Age kitsch. I like my heroes flawed, or with limited powers, and the JSA definitely does that pretty well.

Wildcat! He punches things! Hourman! mildly useful superpowers.... for one hour. Sandman! he doesn't sleep well. oh and he owns a sleep-gas gun.
Truly, they are a team to be feared. But oh, how i love them.

And well, in regards to G'nort,.... nobody is perfect.
I own the whole run of Guy Gardner, so there's probably something not right with me as well. That's right, the Guy Gardner comic where he has Sinestro's yellow ring. The comic so very 90's that Guy wears a leather jacket and cowboy boots while beating up criminals... and even that isn't EXTREEEEEEEME enough, so the writers made him a half-alien shapeshifter who can make guns appear in his skin. *sigh*

Jayne said...

I think I love JSA not just for the reasons you gave (best description of Sandman, by the way), but also because you have a bunch of B and C list heroes, and I am always more fascinated with the lesser known heroes then Superman and Batman and Wonder Woman.

Oh, '90s, you were not kind to anyone in comics. Poor, Guy, really got XTREEM-ified to a sad level. Well, actually, so did Booster and his godawful hilarious robot suit thing. I now feel the need to do a post recapping that JLA Detroit (Am I thinking of the right one? God I can't remember anymore)storyline, even though I'm pretty sure it'll make me go blind. If I rememeber correctly the coloring was particularly awful (as was everything else). Oh, comics.

Anonymous said...

A very long time ago, I posted on the DC Message Boards that Jordan was dead as disco and Kyle was the light and the hope and the all of that snazzy stuff.

That said, I also maintained that if Hal were brought back in a manner I found acceptable I'd welcome him with open arms. Which GL: Rebirth was for me. Aside from a shaky first..10 - 12 issues at the start, I've loved the current run in GL and GL: Corps. I'm fine with Hal being "The Lantern to End All Lanterns" in DC's eyes. But the impression I *really* get when I read the comics is that if you asked "Hal" who the best GL was, he'd likely point you Kyle's way. Just my two cents.

Darcy said...

"if you asked "Hal" who the best GL was, he'd likely point you Kyle's way."

THAT is a good point Corlanthis. I whole heartedly agree.

Jayne said...

Corlanthis, you raise a lot of good points, especially the one Darcy cited above. I already admitted that I'm not up on my Green Lantern continuity, but all this GL talk that's been going on in the comments makes me think I should really get on that.

I am defintely not one to harsh another geek's joy, so I am way open to hearing other's interpetations and views on Hal. I was never that interested in him as a character, but I am willing to admit perhaps my mind needs to be changed on that front.

Although, I am still really hoping for Blue Lantern Space Buddha. That would be awesome.

Danicus said...

Yes, I too am a big fan of B and C-list heroes, especially ones that have been around for a while, but never quite caught on with the fans for whatever reason.
That said, I gotta disagree on one point and say that the Batman is the Way, the Alpha and Omega, That Is, That Was, and What Shall Be.

Anyway... Interesting take on Jordan, Corlanthis. I never really thought of him that way, being humble enough to think Kyle is the greatest. If that's actually the case, Hal may have earned back some points with me. I myself am admittedly about a year behind on the Rainbow of Lanterns storyline, but I think I'm going to get up to speed very quickly...

If only so I can keep discussing this coherently without getting stale.