Saturday, February 14, 2009

Well, it is Valentine's Day

Originally, I was going to do this long post talking about some of my favorite couples in comic books, and by that I mean actually canonical ones and the ones I made up in my head because it makes me giggle. But I spent all day in different panels at the AWP Conference (so, so awesome), and am now completely and utterly tired and lazy, which is probably a good thing for you because, let's face it, I make up some crazy shit (see everything I've said about Alan Moore ever).

Since it is Valentine's Day, I want to leave you with this lethal levels of cute drawing from Dwaryn Cook:

Things to love about this: Barda carrying Mr. Miracle bridal style; Mr. Miracle's pointed toes; his wobbly smitten smile and the flower; Big Barda's half-lidded sexin' up eyes; the heart; oh, I don't know, EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS. This is so adorable it can take down a man at twenty yards.

Here's hoping your Valentine's Day was as awesome as Big Barda and Mr. Miracle's! (Well, before DC killed her off because they hate happiness)


Danicus said...

Cute picture!
Ahh, Scott Free. The only superhero where, if given the choice...
"Dan, would you rather be Batman, or Mr. Miracle?"

I'm not honestly sure what I would say. Both of them are pretty amazing. And pre-Crisis, Mr. Miracle knew about the fourth wall. Actually climbed out of a panel, across the comic page, and into a later panel to escape a trap once.
I'd probably end up picking Batman, but it would take a lot of thinking.

Oh, and one of the best superhero couples ever, as far as "Awww......" factor goes?
Guy Gardner and Ice.
I love those two crazy kids.

Danicus said...

Oh, Bigby and Snow from Fables also earn a gold star.