Sunday, February 01, 2009

I don't understand why no one is taking this more seriously!!

What's the protocol for this?

Zombies! No! NAZI ZOMBIES! We tried to warn you! Someone had to hack a safety sign to spread the word! That poor bastard is probably dead now...or at least he is for now...

I think my initial reaction to this would've been panic. I mean, there you are driving along, just wanting to get home to your whatever, and the eventuality that you've been preparing for since high-school is go! This is not a drill!
And oh, let us not forget. These aren't your regular run of the mill zombies, these zombies have a political affiliation historically infamous for being EVIL. Talk about over egging the evil pudding...

Mmm evil pudding...

I also heard there was another incident in Gainsboro, North Carolina too but that sign said "Raptors Ahead!!"



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