Wednesday, February 11, 2009

This is What Brilliance Looks Like through the Lens of Insanity

I read comics. A lot of comics. Hell, one of the reasons Darcy recruited me (besides my ability to talk about Alan Moore in a non-slanderous manner) was my ability to discuss comics at great length (see my post about Frank Miller. Oh god, why so long?) in a hopefully snarky manner. So I've come across some pretty awful writing and art in comics (see everything Rob Liefeld has ever done ever and Anita Blake: Useless and Ineffectual Vampire Follower), but there comes a time when there is something so awful, so absolutely skin peeling, mind bending insane that it takes on a certain level of brilliance.

Chris at The ISB was so kind as to point it out, and it is this panel from Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose #53 (this title redefines the term "brain stunningly stupid"). And it is this:

This is possibly the worse dialogue in the history of ever, and yet at the same time, it goes through complete and utter stupidity and comes out on the side of brilliance because, and I don't know about you, I could never come up with that in elevenity million years. Not even if my sole purpose of existence was to come up with the concept of haunted genitals, I would fail because your vagina is haunted? Really?

And then you think about it and it doesn't even make sense. If her vagina is haunted then how the hell is she supposed to get away from it? No place would be safe! Also, I hate this title for actually making me think about that.

This is unrelentingly stupid, but you have to respect it because you have to get out of here. Your vagina is haunted. Awe-freaking-some.

To read the entire hilarious recap, go here.

If you'll need me, I'll be over in the corner mourning for humanity, because your vagina is haunted.


Danicus said...

There's a reason people call him Jim "The Talent" Balent.

Though no one says it with any sincerity...

Jayne said...

And now a perverse part of me wants to pick up this title just to see how much more awful it can get. Curse my sense of morbid curiosity...

Danicus said...

don't. dear god, dont. it's nowhere near this "clever" anywhere else.