Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Superbowl Movie Spots - Looks like another summer of Nostalgic Nerdy Fun!

I, being primarily an academic and giant girl, do not give a damn about football. Sorry. I watched the Superbowl anyway because I heard that the commercials would be a Summer Blockbuster Preview-aganza! I was happy to see that was true but I'm only gonna post the ones that made me squee.

So uhm...I dont know how I feel about this yet. Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow look cool. But the CGI looks iffy. I'll give it a shot. I wasn't really into G.I. Joes when I was little, but I always thought the Baroness looked cool cause she was a badass chick with a gun who wore glasses.
Snake Eyes is Ray Park, AKA Darth Maul and Toad from the first X-Men movie. I had a dream Sunday night about a horde of ninjas wielding lightsabers battling an army of frog skeletons...I wonder if that was related?

I'd seen a similar trailer to this one before but I found it pretty easy to muster up the same level of OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG! that I'd experienced the first time.
Kirk, (now being played by Chris Pine; a man who is beautiful and much more believable as Capt Layed My Way Through the Galaxy) punched three guys and had sex twice in under thirty seconds! That's pretty good even for him.

I present to you the Space-jumping scene about 23 seconds into it interpreted through a conversation I had with my dad when we saw it on Sunday.
Me: They look like they're wearing Halo suits...
Dad: I recognize Kirk but who're the other two?
Me:(gestures toward the screen) Well that guy is Sulu...
Dad: What about the one in red?
Me: Yeah...I don't think he's gonna make it...

Ha. I'm witty.

When Optimus Prime caught that slow-mo punch in the face I think I died a little inside. Megan Fox looks like she's repeating her waste of space role from the first movie. Shia LaBeef hopefully will continure to demonstrate his incredible range as an actor as demonstrated here:

He's so Negative.

Looks like with the added super Nerd bonus of the Watchmen in May, I'm gonna be spending a lot of time at the movies this summer.

OH! And as an added bonus, a trailer I hoped never to see in my life. I'm gonna see it anyway, but I may need to bring a friend to smother me with a pillow when the horrified screaming starts.

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wraith-six said...

Yeah, as much as i know Watchmen is going to make my eyes happy, my mind will be raped, im sure.
Though not nearly as badly as Dragonball. *shudder*

The rest look like they'll be fun/ possibly good, and I can wall off my mind and protect it for those, anyway.