Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Top 10 Video Games of 2008 (In no particular order)

I'm going to put my top ten of 2008 in no particular order because it's hard to say which game was really better than the other. The games I'm going to list are all pretty good and I have to admit it's hard to really impress me these days when I feel like I've played every kind of game ever and nothing seems to challenge me anymore.

That being said, here are some awesome games of 2008.

*Left 4 Dead (360): A fantastic addition to the list of zombie games where you can blow up an incredible amount of zombies. The best feature in this game is the online play where you can team up with three others and take to the streets. Another cool thing about this thriller is that every time you play the game the items change location. I must admit the game itself is a little on the short side but does have some significant replay value and is a TON of fun with friends. Also, the fact that car alarms attract hordes of zombies is a nifty little addition that I think should become canon zombie fact.

*Super Smash Brothers Brawl (Wii): It makes the list because I feel it's the best in the series, although I admit to you I don't feel as though it's the greatest fighting game ever made (or that they're going to be able to do too much more with this series). Personally I prefer the Dead or Alive series for the realistic fight styles (and I try to ignore the ridiculous boob-physics) and Soul Calibur because I've been playing that series since Soul Edge and it doesn't seem to get old to me. Still, Super Smash Bros. is a fantastic time in a group. HOWEVER, if you want to unlock things by your self, prepare for a some serious suffering. It takes forever to get all the s*it in this game by yourself. If you ever get the chance to play against me watch out for my Pikachu antics. I love to make people hate that adorable little electric devil-spawn.

*I was going to put up Grand Theft Auto IV (because I have to admit, it is really quite well-designed), but those games are getting repetitive to me so instead I've decided to put up No More Heroes (Wii): It's got some cheaply-ripped qualities of Grand Theft Auto IV in that you run around in a silly motorcycle around a much less impressive city, BUT it's the first time on the Wii you can actually swing your sword at dudes and make them suffer, AND one of the only Mature titles on the Wii worth anything at all. Note to players: the coconut game will make you sad because there is only so fast you can waddle carrying coconuts in your arms. lols.

*Dead Space (360): What's better than zombies on the streets of your city? Zombies in space, of course! Shoot, shoot some more, and when everything on the screen is dead maybe you can breathe for five seconds, and "Oh crap, wait, there's more!!!" (As a side note: some of the achievements for Live on this game are pretty tough).

*Little Big Planet (PS3): you design your own content, there are limitless possibilities, and it is truly a game that has actually proven to me that we can still make new and innovative games(wait, did I really just admit that? Oh noes! Don't let the masses know!). You can create and play and design all at the same time and that makes this game so ultra cool and shiny that I want to buy a PS3 just so I can dump hours into this game (plus my next choice on the list).

*Metal Gear Solid 4 (PS3): No, I don't care that you watch most of it. No, I don't care if the cinemas are longer than the game-play. This game is fricken amazing with a perfect ending to the Metal Gear series and I have never loved Snake more than I have in this game. Kojima is a genius and blu-ray is the only way to see this masterpiece played. I realize that this particular section seems incredibly biased but I don't care. Metal Gear Solid 4 = Epic Awesomeness. FYI: if you don't leave two hours of your time open to see the ending of this game you will be pissed at yourself as you sit through two hours of ending cinema. BELIEVE ME when I say that you will drop everything to watch this two hours of the game.

*Fable II (360): because I thought Fable I had soooo much potential and I'm soooo glad they decided to bring this back for a much more successful sequel. Fable II is not only what Fable I could have been, but they bring even a little bit more to the table with more innovative choices and character design, and some beautiful graphics to boot. The game can really suck you in even if you're not a hard-core RPG Player. What I like about Fable is that it appeals to a lot of different kinds of gamers without sucking...and yeah...that's hard to do.

*Rock Band 2 (360, Wii, PS3, PS2): many songs to download....
Let's just say I have sunk an unreasonable amount of hours trying to become leet-sauce at the drums for Rock Band 2. Also, if you are a die-hard Guitar Hero fan, I seriously suggest you give Rock Band 2 a try, because World Tour REALLY didn't cut it in comparison this time. Seriously. I mean it. The drums on World Tour make me want to scream out in anger and the down strum breaks on one in five guitars for world tour (plus that slide bar thing goes AWOL pretty quick too). (Darci and I have a band called "The Geisha Girls" and I have to say we are kicking achievement butt).

*Mirror's Edge (360): It's a beautifully landscaped game in which you get to be a parcour expert and deliver time-sensitive information in a future where we need "runners." It is a little too short in length, and sometimes the jumping puzzles make you want to throw your controller into a wall, but it is a really great game overall that reminds us that platformers still have more innovative ideas that haven't been fully explored.

*Fallout 3 (PS3, 360, PC): FINALLY IT'S HERE AND IT'S JUST AS AMAZING AS WE'D ALL HOPED IT WOULD BE! YAAAAAAAY! Seriously, if you like RPG's and post-apocalyptic realities, this is a MUST BUY. You can re-play the hell out of this game and there are so many possibilities it's staggering.

Games that you all want me to put up here but I won't (and here's why):

*Wii Fitness (Wii): It's going to lose it's appeal fast...just you wait. There are only so many things you can do with that scale-concept. I got bored with Wii Fitness in less than a day.

*World of Warcraft (PC): Wrath of the Litch King: It's nothing "technically new" and therefore it didn't meet my criteria. Also, I am resisting addiction to this game because I know that MMO's can suck me in and eat my soul. When that new Star Wars MMO comes out (with the KOTOR Engine) I must lock myself in a room and make Darci promise she won't let me out until they are all sold out of this game for a while.

*A bunch of Hand-Held titles (DS and PSP): I don't really play hand-helds. Sorry guys. My eyes hurt after only about 30 minutes of holding a DS in my hands and I don't think the PSP is going to make it much longer in our video game market. I will admit that I really wish I could play some of the RPG titles on the DS and PSP that haven't come out on other systems.


Danicus said...

Yeah, thought Mirror's Edge is short, i think it really paved the way and proved just what can be done by thinking outside the box.

and if there's a Mirror's Edge 2, it's going to be MIND BLOWING.

But yeah, Fallout 3 is definitely Game of the Year in my book. Has everything i have ever wanted in a console game.

Darcy said...

It didn't have cake!

Ian said...

I actually liked Mass Effect better than Fallout 3. Coming from me, that is something.

Danicus said...

Mass Effect was good, but lacked that certain special something, in my opinion. Mass Effect had an engaging storyline, great graphics, interesting setting... all the things a good game needs. Except it lacked a sense of humor, for one. And two, i just checked the box. It came out in 2007 anyway.

Ian said...

Did it really? Good to know...